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MSI installers? Windows UPdates ??

Shamus MacNoob

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:) Hey everyone I need a hand please I need to put together a system that will help update computers over a server with windows updates that I will download and store on the server, so what I am talking about is a way to update all the machines over the server , where people can log on and just run the installer that will be kept up to date with the updates as needed from microsoft, Now the way I see it if I use windows installer I am going to have to use different ones for win 98 machines, different ones for win2000 and nt4's and again, different ones for WinXp and Win2003 server. So anyone with any help on how to get this started ??

Please feel free to add any info you like to this thread I need all the info I can get.

How to go about getting updates to install is one thing but what about the ones that need to be installed alone?

I am sure I need to make separate setup's for those ??

Ok for now let's see what I can get for info I will ask more as I go thanks everyone. :)


Beware the G-Man
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It sounds like you want a server that would be a twin to the MicroSquish update site but for different versions of Windoze... Just like MicroSquish.

Pretty much what people do now by going to MicroSquish.

Shamus MacNoob

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Thats right will be used for different os's the reason being it would less of a hastle to have the updates on the server, and be able to update them from a shared drive saves the download time each time we need to update a computer at the plant, so this way example I would get the updates and just keep the shared updates up to date.

Now what am I going to use is the question .... boss hinted something to do with.msi's

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