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MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution


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It seems like we've been talking about external graphics cards forever, but how many do you recall that look quite as raw and ready as this? The Graphics Upgrade Solution, set for a full unveiling at Computex, is MSI's latest answer to the eternal problem that is gaming on the move. Serving as a conduit -- via its own PCI Express interface and the oft-neglected ExpressCard slot -- between desktop GPUs and laptops, the GUS comes with its own power brick that can support cards with up to an 84W TDP. That, together with the limited bandwidth on offer, makes the ATI Radeon HD 5670 bundle pretty much the top of the GUS pile, but at somewhere around $229 that doesn't look like a terrible deal at all. Alternatively, you can buy the bare unit for around $100 and make use of some old GPU to give a little extra pep to your laptop. It's all good.
MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution seeks an ExpressCard slot to call home -- Engadget



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Sounds like the Cinemassive device my old work place had... It was an external case that held a PCI graphics card and interfaced via a PCMIA slot. It allowed dual display + laptop.

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