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MSI editing/installation not working, any MSI experts?

Hi chaps,

I have a piece of software that I'm trying to deploy via GP, something I've done several times, the deploying works but the registry key that I have manually entered in to the MSI via Orca is not working, I admit to having no knowledge of MSI's so this may be a really obvious problem to fix.

The reason I am editing this MSI is because the program was never meant to be deployed according to the software manufacturer, they won't provide any support either as the person/team that created the program and MSI have left!

I have to install it on 90 PC's so installation on every machine is not an option.

I have also tried manually entering the missing key to the registry after installation but the program then complains that it has been tampered with.

The key entered is under the Registry settings, LINGO, the string that you see in that field has been taken from a known working installation and the string translates as "server1"

On a standalone installation you do get the option to enter the server name and it works, maybe there is a section in the MSI so I can just add that server name in instead of the reg key idea I have been trying???

If any could take a look at the MSI or suggest any other way around this then it would be much appreciated :)


Hope this all makes sense!!



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I don't have an .MSI editor (although I need one), but I have a few ideas...

The first would be tough - without support - I know often some files have CMD line switches you can append to the .MSI install path. Such things are popular with packages from Java, for instance, to handle things such as disabling automatic updates.

Another thought I had - what if you pre-stage this registry key? I know you mentioned that if you do it after, the program complains of being tampered with. You can use Group Policy Preferences to easily deploy registry keys to and their targeting wizard to control where it goes. A thought would be to deploy the key first, install the program, see what happens. Depending on how that works, you could also re-apply the key settings after install.

Just a thought.
Like you say the first is hard as the MSI looks like a minefield to me, I'm sure some one with MSI knowledge may be able to spot which areas need adjusting.

I've just tried your suggestion of installing the reg key prior to install but unfortunately it again complains about being tampered with, something I'm sure some one with a bit of knowledge could disable.

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