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MSI and AMD!


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Does anyone know whether the MSI Neo2 Platinum supports Venice and San Diego cores?? I can't seem to find any information on the MSI website relating to the venice and san diego core processors.


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Will it work without the bios update though? I don't want to get something just to find out that I need to wait for the update to become available before I can use the thing.
All newly purchased motherboards will support all AMD's new cores and dual core cpus. If you already have a Neo2 with an existing athlon64 just upgrade to the altest bios and plonk the new chip in.

Just out of curiosity which are you going for, the Venice or san Diego? and where are you going to get it from?

Ive ordered my 3200 venice from overclockers, but its been delayed twice already as they havent had their shipment, hopefully it should come on thursday (fingers crossed), I have my nice new MSI neo2 sat at home waiting.


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I'm probably going for 3500+ san diego for the 1mb cahce... from dabs because it's actually cheaper than the winchester version from OCUK. It's £174.16 if I remember correctly compared to £176 for the winchester in OCUK. However, there's no stock available yet, but I'm not too worried about that coz waiting for exams to finish before I build my machine which is end of this month.

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