MSI 865PE Neo 2


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I had the same mobo a little while back paired with my 3.0c...

its a good mobo.. make sure you use matching ram though since the board is finicky with memory... thats the main reason I bought corsair clips I have...

its fast and has lots of features... just remember to leave the DOT (dynamic overclocking) turned on a little bit :) it adds a little oomph and if you leave it on the first 2 or 3 settings it is not dangerous...


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What do you mean with the memory, can u explain ?
I need tips and help about HD's sata and MEmory cause i want to buy it next week


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Matched pair memeory are two DIMMs that are selected at the factory to have very similar timing characteristics. They come packaged together and since they are hand selected cost more.

Since you are buying new memory and the MB can be sensitive to mismatched memory you might as well get a matched pair. All the new performance systems use dual ddr now so it's worth the investment.

If cost is a major concern a riskier alternative is to just buy 2 sticks of the same brand, rating and date code memory and then set the BIOS to slower timing to try and avoid the MB sensitivity issue. Best to buy locally if you go this route since if you can't get them working you will have to return them and buy a matched pair of dimms.


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leejend is right bout the matched sticks...

but the settings are not determined solely in the bios for this board... any minor discrepency and you will be running @ ddr333 instead of ddr400... so make sure you get decent ram or matched ram if you can... :)

the bios setting is over-ridden wrt memory clocks for this board...

the end result of looking out for the details is you get excellent speed...

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