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"MSGTAG Free sends you email notifications when your messages are received and opened by your friends. The eye-catching MSGTAG capsule sits on your desktop or in your system tray, allowing you to enable or disable tagging with one click. Best of all, MSGTAG Free is free!"

Not promoting...nothing to do with me. Might be useful to peeps here though.


Boogie Nights...!
Oh. How do you do that then? I thought that was only something you could do at work...not on normal emails from home.
EDIT: Nevermind.

How is MSGTAG different from the read receipts you already get in Outlook and other email programs?
Unlike traditional read receipts, MSGTAG doesn't hassle your recipient with pop-up boxes — it's completely automatic — and you can send tagged messages to practically any email address, including Hotmail and Yahoo addresses.
Originally posted by Teddy
Oh. How do you do that then? I thought that was only something you could do at work...not on normal emails from home.
Well, you can do it in Outlook, and possibly in other email clients as well. The difference is that you get a popup box asking the recepient whether he/she wants to return a read receipt.
I actually seem to prefer that rather than having a read receipt sent as soon as I open an email...which is what MSGTAG does.

In Outlook, you click the Options button on the toolbar when composing a new message, and there is a checkbox for Request a Read Receipt in there.


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Wow, that's one scary app. I don't understand how it works, though. Is there any way at all I can "block" this from working as a recipient of a tagged email?

Sounded good for a minute, Teddy, but now it's sounding evil. Thanks for the warning, coathanger

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