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MS word syles and contents pages

Ok here goes, lets see if someone smarter than me can help me out!

Im currently beggining to plan the layout of my final year project. Im getting all the styles and headings etc.. set out in word document so i can just fill in each section when I have the correct data.

Now all is going well however I cant get a few thins to work as i would like...

I have it setup so that the headings come up in the table of contents with the 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 format for each level of heading. I also have a section break prior to section 1, and in that first section i have my abstract, acknowledgements, abbreviations and the table of contents and that sort of thing. This section has page numbers in roman numerals which i managed t get to work after a few hours. I want to include the abstract, acknowledgements, abbreviations in the tale of contents, but if i select them as heading level 1 they take the place of sections 1-3 in the contents table pushing the intro to level 4. I cant see how to get them to be in the table of contents with the same status level as heading 1 without having numbers.

Im sure its possible as i've seen phds in my department with this type of formatting.

Anyone care to reveal the secrets of styles to me ? !

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