MS Word 07, 2 PC's 1 Doc, Text goes to 2nd page on 1 PC


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

This really is a strange problem that I need to try and resolve. The most important user I have here is having issues with a couple of the documents he has been working with. He utilizes 2 PC's, his desktop here and also his laptop which he takes home. He keeps the majority of his documents onto his thumb drive. He could be looking at a document on his laptop, which will be just a single page document, margin's set to 1" all around, header + footer same size. He would then open the same document on his desktop PC, and now the very last line in the document will be pushed off to the second page.

I've confirmed on his desktop that all of the settings are the same. The only difference between the actual 2 PC's is that I believe his resolution is higher on his laptop... but I know the resolution would not affect information going to more pages than it should. Unfortunately with the margin on the desktop, his last sentence gets pushed to the next page; and I can't determine why.

Has anyone else had issues with this before, and hopefully a fix so he won't have to modify documents on an individual basis?


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