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MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer


The Voices Talk to Me
I have a MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer mouse, I have 2 side buttons that for some reason don't work anymore. I checked all the setting and they are set, I reinstalled the drivers and the mouse, no joy. Not sure what to do, I use them as the back and forward button in IE.

Also, is there a way to map keyboard key strokes to my mouse buttons? Like say I press the scroll button it would be the same as if I pressed the "L" button on my keyboard? I ask as I would like to get more out of my mouse for gaming.
All the buttons should work with v5 so i dont know whats wrong there.
However, i know that you could map keystrokes to mouse buttons but only in version 4.1 and below, as for some reason ms got rid of this in the version 5 drivers.


The Voices Talk to Me
Do you know if there is anyway to test the buttons and make sure they are actually working? (kinda like what you can do with most joysticks, where it shows you that you pushed a specific button) And yes, your right on the V4.1 you could do application specific key binnding but only the ones they had listed. Is there a way to add others?


The Voices Talk to Me

Well I gave up on my MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer mouse and bought a Logitech MX510. WOW, what a difference especialy in games. While this is not a wireless mouse and adjusting to a wired mouse after having a wireless mouse took a little getting used to all I can still say is WOW.

This mouse is great, very accurate and precise with a great response. The only thing I wish it had different was program specific button profiles. But with 8 buttons that you can program, you can create a setup that will work for you.

I give this mouse 2 thumbs up!

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