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2 Dec 2001
This is a great little wireless keyboard /mouse combo and is dirt cheap on Amazon at the moment, take a look:

The mouse is great and features the new, and potentially useless, tilt mouse technology and the keyboard has more custom keys than you can shake a stick at, as well as an integrated padded arm rest.

I bought a few weeks a go. Its fantastic. super sexeh
Does MS have a 5-button mouse for the wireless keyboard/mouse packages?
I've gotten so used to the 5-button mouse that I wouldn't want anything less. LOL :p

The other thing is the tilting mouse. How it work exactly? Is it just the side-ways scroll function or are there other good functions to it?
Very happy with mine.

ming, mine came with a 5 button mouse which is so comfortable to use its untrue, and the tilt technology at the moment is exactly that, just side ways scrolling.
Yes it has 5 buttons and 4 way mousewheel (if you count tilting)
I can't really say I use buttons 4 or 5 tho
dreamliner77 said:
US amazon has it for 3/4 the price
The amazon US one is $74.99 which works out at about £41, not exactly 3/4 is it?(the Amazon UK is £56.49). Plus add shipping from the states thats at least another $10, so theres not much difference.
Of course if you where in the US thats another matter :), but then i don't think it was supposed to be an examplle of world wide cheapness :)
Looks like the one my roommate got. It's sitting on his table next to me.
The american keyboard also has a completely different layout, but thats nice and cheap for you US folks ;)
EP... how is tilting ? I was checking out this combo @ a store last night... just interested since it seems to be pretty slick...
To be honest I have never used it.
The only game I currently play is Counter-strike atm and I quite happy with my keyboard layout!

NetRyder has joined the elite, tho I went and bought the leatherette mouse so really I now have the Corporate version ;) - well I did.

Now I got my MX1000 hotness.
Oh B****r ! :mad: :( /me paid £80 for this combo from John Lewis (then again it was like one year ago!

Just goes to show what happens over time.... I like a lot about it but have to say never found the keyboard comfortable for typing - either with or without wrist thingie
MFG: I bought one for my dad for christmas last year (which is oddly the same time as I got one too!)
blah. MS. don't think i'm ever getting another mouse other than my MX1000. might need new keyboard though, since even MS doesn't recognize it's existance with it's new intellitype software. MS Internet Keyboard Pro
Electronic Punk said:
NetRyder has joined the elite, tho I went and bought the leatherette mouse so really I now have the Corporate version ;) - well I did.
Now I got my MX1000 hotness.
Yep, nice little freebie from MS. :)

X-Istence said:
MS makes uncomfortable keyboards.
Wow, I found it to be quite the opposite. Really liked the feel of this one. I've used MS mice before, but it's the first time I'm using an MS keyboard, and I was quite impressed.

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