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MS Security Update Cd

Ded Morozh

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Being that I am a procrastinator extrodinaire, I meant to post this in February...

I ordered the MS Security Update CD so that when I reformatt I can get the needed patches without connecting to the intarweb. I need to do that because someone on my little stretch of the 'net gives me at least 1 worm before I can run everything from Windoze Update.

Anywho...recieved, 1 MS Security Update CD and 1 eTrust EZ Armor LE AV and Firewall cd. Haven't tried it out yet, because I'm not quite ready to wipeout and reload everything just yet. But, evidently, the included firewall is a rebadged version of Zonealarm Pro, which is hip...having trouble finding a decent review of the AV, though... what I can find in Google Groups is mostly good. if you want to order the cd, clicky the linky.



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I think the security you get from the CD still leaves quite a lot to apply - this confused me - maybe someone else can clarify. I would guess the particular virus issue you have is likely to be MSBLAST or maybe Nachi - there's one fix from M$ to patch up this hole and that's the main one to get before you go online after a reformat....


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Got mine a few weeks ago. It took a while to get to me. Mine says February 2004, so I'm guessing it has updates up to February. I haven't even put the CD in the drive yet, I just ordered to see if they would actually deliver.


It says it is no longer available.

I tried to get it earlier. They wanted $10 for shipping & handling.

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