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MS Passport



The reaction to passports "little security hickup" has left a sour taste in alot of peoples mouths. That of which is the Federal goverment, now looking to posibly fine Microsoft $11,00 per user @ 200 million users which is a grand total of 2.2trillion dollars. Alot of people are saying finaly Microsoft is getting what it deservise, down with Microsoft and other ridiricts along that line. Now my following statement does not mean I am this die hard fan of Microsoft and I love there buisness tactics. But I have thought this through and this is what I think.

Honestly I hope this does not go through because the colapse of microsoft would be bed for the IT industry. Think about it what is the most used server OS used what is the most used desktop OS how many MS products are on your machine or of what software has been derived based on MS breakthroughs in media encoding and such like that. Yah sometime I hate the big M$ but to be honest alot of what is out now would not be because of MS. Just think without MS we would all be using a Mac cause MS is the ones that made it possible for a slackjaw hilbilly to be able to surf the web with ease. And without all of the customer base that is out there now for a PC this site would not exsist either. So lets hope that this does not go though.

I am sure this statement will get me flamed and so be it but this is how I feel.

Think about it what is the most used server OS
Actually, it's Unix/Linux. 65+% of the net's backbone is Unix/Linux.

Honestly I hope this does not go through because the colapse of microsoft would be bed for the IT industry
You would have to be a fool to believe that this would happen. I do not know the specifics of what you are talking about but I can tell you this. The government would never push MS that far. It would destroy everything, our economy for one. I wouldn't worry to much.
Under a settlement last summer, the government accused Microsoft of deceptive claims about Passport's security. In response, the company pledged to take reasonable safeguards to protect those accounts, submit to audits every two years for the next 20 years OR risk fines up to $11,000 per violation.
the OR is a big part of the statement. They have a choice. I do not like to provide information without having something to back it up with, so here you go...


So LrdKaos, before you post, read! HEHE (I can give him hell, he's a real-life friend) :)


I understand the OR!!!!!. Ok to get back to the point which Un4thinkable to think has mis construde is that I understand that Unix/Linix and other variations are the ones that control the backbone of the internet but if you look at small buisness even some larger buisness they all run windows, home computers (not including geeks) the majority is windows.

And again MY FIRST statement was what I thought and how I felt I am sure this will never go through but I was just making some statements.

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