MS Office problem???


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Hi all, sorry if this question has been raised before, but...
Ever since I've had this router... sometimes when I try to get on Microsoft Office, it says that it cannot find the server. Before when I was the one directly connected to the cable, I was able to get connected to the server easy (these are hotmail servers I'm talkin about). Can something be done or is it just a coincidence that this is happening? thanks


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Just guessing, but I think he means get to hotmail through Outlook. router should not affect that unless its a fancy router with:
-firewall/filtering built in and not set up right
-is logging on to the site for you and scewing up the log in

my router has to be periodically manually reset if i am using some p2p services. this just started when swbell raised their upload speed this winter. it's annoying but not worth finding if the problem is in the router or if the isp is "protecting" me from all the ping attacks that happen when connected to p2p.

it could be a defective router, or one that does not play well with your isp.

some isps do not allow use of a router they want you to pay for each connection.


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Oh. Well I'm using MS Office 2003 and I just realized I was tired and didn't notice what I was trying to say. I really meant that MS Outlook 2003 wasn't always connecting to hotmail correctly. The Router is a Compusa type (don't let me explain on the story of getting it... lets just say I didn't have a choice in the matter). Anyway, it is a Compusa Cable/DSL Router with 4-port Switch. I know that the router Does have a firewall built in, but I didn't enable it because me and the other computer use Zonealarm. I've had Zonealarm on before and it never had a problem with MS Outlook before I had to route the cable to the router. Sorry if I confused you all (I was tired). I am still new to the router so if it is as was said about it being the router not manually configured correctly, then let me know so I guess I can go to the networking forum to ask this question again with steps about it (unless you will be kind enough to tell me here :) ).


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o.k .. You are trying to connect to hotmail ?? Do you have a premium account with them, and how long have you had your account ?? They have stopped access to their servers with email clients on the free account, with new members ..

If you are able to connect to hotmail with the connection directly connected, with out the router, then it is a router problem .. You have something configured wrong. I never used a compusa router, so I can't help you with that part. Sorry ...


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Ya. I've had my account... for ages... But I think I figured it out. It seems I am able to access it better today. Is it because of traffic reasons?


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Traffic can cause slowdown or inability to connect to any website.

Are you thinking web traffic? less likely since it just started, but possible since this is the start of what we old farts call the "kiddie season" (school's out for summer and the web and local cable isp loading jumps way up)

The other possibility is the other computer on the network hogging resources by doing a lot of file transfers, or less likely, an intensive internet game.

Check what is going on with the other computer (fileshare,etc) when things are sluggish. If it's on , even unattended it could be hogging bandwidth. If it is hogging you may be able to limit it's share at the router under advanced setup. Or the application using the bandwidth may be able to limit the bandwidth it's using. Some p2p programs allow bandwidth limiting.

Note the same thing may be true of your computer. Scan for malware (both machines).

If you are not showing heavy traffic on your lan (lights blinking like crazy when nothing should be going on) then your isp mat be having a problem. when connection is bad pull the router and try direct into the modem. if it's still bad it may be your isp.

one other thing. if you have added new lan es one may be bad or loose. (my wifes comp was flaky, slow and not connecting sometimes, tracked it to a loose connector at the switch.


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Thanks for the info! I believe I ended up finding it was the "kiddie season" as suggested cause the pattern also started happening now that I realise this around the same time as people getting out of school. Should of realised this sooner as not an app problem but just natural causes. Thanks for all the info!

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