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MS Excel 2003 Question


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I have a spreadsheet with like 30 columns. Say, for instance, column H and I are sometimes the same numeric value, and sometimes they are not. I have about 200+ rows.

What I am looking to do, is out of those 200+ rows, hide the row(s) that have H and I as an equal value. Say if H has 50 and I has 50, hide the entire row. If H has 49 and I has 50, show that row.

Is that even possible?
Is Auto Filter what your talking about?

This will work with columns which have headers at the top and data following underneath, select all then select AutoFilter from the Filter menu in the Data Menu. If this isnt what you want, then it can be turned off again be re-selecting Autofilter. :)


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AutoFilter, while a good feature, doesn't have the muscle for my particular request. That would work if it were a specific range I wanted, but since each of the 200+ rows is different, I need something better.

I just signed up for the mrexcel forum, will post back if I come across anything. I fear VB may be the course of action...


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That forum was a good recommendation, here is what they recommended:

Take any available column, in my case it was column "S"

In S2 (since first data was in H2 and I2), I put "=H1=I1", which returned a value of TRUE

I then did an autofilter and selected only FALSE

woo :)

reps jimi!

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