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MS Antispyware public beta download


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hmm i remain sceptical about this release as I expect it will be mainly tailored for IE also my other fear is that this will encourage much more advanced types spyware :-/
I have have just downladed it...first impression:- looks good, if you do the defenition update there is one straight away.

Has privacy tools...IE history eraser, cookies, url history, temp files etc.

You can view all current runnin process's and stope them if necessary
Look at and block startup programs

Schedule...set it to run every day etc

Real time protection.....Internet agents (9), system agents(25) and Application agents (25)


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I just downloaded this. I am anxious to try it out, from the sounds they added some things to it ..

[edit]Ok. I downloaded it. I like it so far. It has some more things added to it and such. You will notice of you look in taskmanager it still says giant antispyware lol ... [/edit]

Perris Calderon

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I'm usiing it and like it ALOT, though on my box, nothing found, on the office machines, plenty that adaware and spybot missed.

important for users to realize this is much better then a beta, since giant had this allready released


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Yeah it seems pretty cool, although it detected the winVNC software at work as spyware for some reason. Not much of a problem however, as there's an option to "always ignore" stuff. It gets my vote :up:.

Perris Calderon

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ya, giant was too aggresive for my liking, and you pretty much have to evaluate everything this program finds

I think the quaranteen feature is called for on plenty of these

Perris Calderon

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really...look at all the free play ms has gotten from this...an EXCELLANT marketing campaign...I suspect this product has allready paid dividends on the investment.

nicely done ms


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MS's spyware found 2 threats on my system after a full system scan
Downloaded and run ad-aware: 72 tracking cookies + the two objects ms listed...

Didn't clean it out yet, so if u guys want proof I can get ya screenies... :D



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