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MS Antipiracy at the hardware level


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Hi Guys,

I remember reading about how Longhorn/Vista was going to have something builtin and that, as long as, CPU manufacturers went along with it, Windows would be able to have complete control over software installed, piracy-wise.

Basically, Windows figured that if software is not legit, it would not be able to install.

I also remember reading that Intel was the only CPU company that was going along with MS on this.

Does anyone remember this?

Does anyone remmber what MS was calling this initiative/program/etc?

I discussion was started about this and why Vista beta's seem to be running better on Intel chips than AMD chips. This was everyone was agreeing on. I don't think that MS would be applying this at the beta level, anyways.

Thanks in advance,



Stranger Than Fiction
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Wasn't it called Paladium or something dumb like that. I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me if it was stripped from Vista like the WinFS file system. They'll probably figure something out eventually but for now they gotta spend more time making a prettier interface.... I love M$
My God! We're all going to be rich. People will be paying a fortune for data recovery , unlocking their hard drives, safe hardware upgrades, etc.

This is equivalent to Windows Activation at each boot-up for any hardware (possibly any driver) change.

Of course when Intel tried this with CPU ID's it didn't go very far before the public outcry stopped it.

PS Note that in the first link NetRyder posted MS clearly consideres their customers to be software and media developers. Not the people who actually paid him a couple hundred Billion dollars for copies of Windows.

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