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mpeg problem or WMP?



I have some rather large mpegs that will not allow me to advance further into the movie. All I can do is watch from the start all the way through. I am unable to jump to a particular point in the playback. Is this a common fault/setup that is easily changed or something more? Or is it just Windows Media Player?


I have experienced the same problem w/ some avi/mpg files. My guess is that it has something to do with the way it is encoded that does not support jumps. But I know next to nothing about video encoding so....


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I've experienced similar problems in the past too.
I'd have to agree and say its the way the file is encoded, but also it could be the way it being read.
Try a different player, see if the same happens.....


As far as i know its a bit of both of the above. Avi's and certain mpeg formats have "key frames" embedded every so often in the stream, usually at regular intervals. The higher the number of key frames the more discrete jumps you can make (eg 1 second jumps for a pal movie with key frames every 25 frames). I would assume if there are no key frames then you could not scan the stream at all.

Also the player makes a difference, as they use different methods of resolving codecs at a software level. You may notice that you cannot fast forward or reverse a divx in eg WMP, but in a proprietry divx player you might be able to).

There are ways of changing mpegs and avis to scan more easily but they usually involve a degree of re-encoding which may or may not be worth the hassle!


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I use this player:http://zp.rio.ee/zoomplayer300b4.zip and it allows me to jump in wherever I want. It works with: mpg, avi, divx, xvid with filters, mp3, jpg Etc Etc. plus you can skip foward or backward in whatever intervals you wish(setup). AND it has a killer zoom as well! Check it out. Its Free!


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