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Mpeg 2?

I wanna put a VHS tape onto DVD, through my computer. My video card has an composite input, but I was wondering what program to use. I assume there are different quality of MPEG 2 encoders, just wondering if there are any recommendations for a good encoder so I wont lose much quality, as well as a decent program that could possibly clean it up a bit if the quality sucks.



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i would use virtualdub to capture to huffyuv in avi. it's a lossless codec and quite fast with decent compression. you will need a lot of hard disk space, depending mostly on output resolution and framerate. from there you can use avisynth to clean it up, crop, resize etc then HCEnc, a free mpeg2 encoder to encode. use belight or aften to encode audio to ac3, author with muxman and burn with imgburn
uhhh....thanks. I dont mean to sound unappreciative, but is there perhaps a slightly less complicated way. I've used virtualdub a bit, but I was following How 2 guides. Not sure if I could figure all that out on my own. Thanks again.

Anybody else?



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just use windows movie maker, its very simple to use if you don't have it installed it is free on microsofts site for download, it also exports to dvd as well.

i'm assuming your looking for free programs, that probably the easiest to use for you.


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look for adobe premiere or pinnicle 7 for capturing.

use sorenson media squeeze 4 or autodesk cleaner xl to convert to dvd.

pinnicle can also convert to dvd within the program as well.

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