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MP9 in IE Broke

When i try to use Media Player 9 in IE to look at a movie or play sounds I just get this....

It dosent matter what site im on - it just dosent work. I have "uninstalled" and reinstalled MP9 with no effect. I say "uninstalled" because i noticed that in typical MicroS**t fashion that most of the files were still in the Program Files directory.

Incidentally - if i download a file and try to play it - theres no problem - its only when using the browser.

Any Ideas - im stumped.


Are you watching a movie that is compressed in DivX or DivX like methods? The reason is because compressed files (like DivX or Windows Media 9 Compression) also use compressed audio. If you computer is downloading the audio and video out of sync, the audio could start playing without downloading the rest of the video.
Well, like i say it happens with boths videos and sound clips and only through a browser.

If you have a peek at the example i posted its actually an MP3 file its having difficulty playing.
I've just noticed that if I use Mozilla - i get the following message when i try to do the same...

Illegal Operation In Plugin

Windows Media Player Plug-In Dynamic Link Library

The Plugin performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Navigator.

So how do i get shot off / replace the plugin or DLL?
Sorry GoNz0 - i have already tried that dosent work. As i said in my first post i tried it but it leaves a LOT of files behind after the uninstall. Perhaps if somebody knew of a comprehensive WMP uninstaller that would help.
I fixed it - WMP9 Unistall is awful - simply because it dosent uninstall anything.

I found this on the net though

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\INF\wmp.inf,Uninstall

This removed WMP9 correctly, after which it worked again with the default player. The i installed WMP9 again and it worked.

Thanks for the help anyway guys.

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