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11 Jan 2004
guys, can someone help me with this problem. I tried to make a Audio Cd by converting some MP3 i have on my comp. I did this with Window Media Player. However, WMP refuse to convert those MP3 without IDE tag. I then switch to Nero Burning Rom but same thing happen. Nero said that the format is not supported. I am very sure that those are in MP3 format. Can someone help me?
if you are using Nero then just tell it you want to make an Audio CD, then drag the MP3s onto the new disc thinger, and it will automatically convert them to WAV when it burns them
They could be windows media audio files. Nero doesn't support them I don't think.
rushm001 said:
They could be windows media audio files. Nero doesn't support them I don't think.
You're right, It doesn't you need a plug-in. Can't remember if it's a free download or not though.
I am darn sure those songs i have are in MP3 format. I ripped them out from cds sometimes ago and played them on my MP3 player. I had lost those cds when i moved house. That is why i want to burn them on CD. Anyway, i will try out the solution that some of you suggested and give u my feedback. Thanks guys. U guys r my saviour!!! God bless ur good heart!!! Cheer. =)
cool a fairly satisfied customer.... we should have him stuffed :p
Have you tried iTunes? It's pretty much a one-click process, and it's worked really well for me in the past. :)
Didn't think. I'd usually use BAO to burn mp3/wavs on Windows anyway.
How do I convert WMA into MP3? There is some kind of restrictions. I have downloaded the plug in, copied it into my audio plugins folder but still have this problem. Any advice?
try dbpoweramp its a good convertor,then go to codec central to download the needed codec:- wma to mp3 .all the best merry xmas :laugh:

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