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Does anyone know of a great Mp3 Tag Editor for editing ID3 Tags v1.0 and v1.1? Every time i try a tagger, I spend hours upon hours editing the tags, only to find out that MY CHANGES WERENT SAVED! Grrr.. It is extremely important to find a good program that will do the job, because I am soon installing a Kenwood Excelon Z828 in my car, which spits out ID3 Tags! Sorry to be posting in here, but this is a VERY hopeful forum, and i am getting kind of desparate! (I have tried MusicMatch, and RioPort and they both suck at tag editing...)


Ok, I tried Winamp and it seems to work great. However, anyone know of a program that completely gets rid of tags other than v1.1?


I'm sorry Hal...
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Whether you're serious or causal about listening to MP3's, you've probably realized that managing all the files can be a real nightmare - that's where AnalogX TagMaster comes in.
TagM lets you edit the ID3 tag in MP3 files, which contains information like the name of the artist, song, album, etc - but it doesn't just stop there. TagM also can rename files using any of the information inside the files (including bps and sample rate) making it much easier to find the song you're after. Best of all, it can perform any of these operations on single files, or every file in your MP3 directory...


Thanks for the advice. I will try AnalogX Tagmaster as soon as I get home. Offhand do you know if you can enter ID3v1.1 tags? And possible get rid of all the other tags i.e. 1.3b(?)etc. etc? I have noticed that with a couple tracks, the name of the song is very stubborn when editing in Winamp. I will type in ex. "Whats Luv" and winamp will read the tag as "Whats Luvfeat. Joe bla". Even when I remove the tag, and reenter the tag, the original one comes back :(


i juss found a great lil prog tha queries the free db thing and does it automatic for ya :D gimmie a messesage n ill send it

<Edited> Did i mention it was FREE :D

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