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Mp3 Static in files



I currently downloaded some MP3's that seem to have a terrible static noise in them when I try to play them. I don't know if this is some type of new copyright protection scheme or if maybe I need a new codec or something. I tried using multiple programs for MP3 playback. same effect yet the static sounded different with each one so I don't know. I tried getting another MP3 of the same song and it seems that it has static but in different sections. It's not normal "static" its more a sqeualing noise really. Any ideas help or suggentions. Thanks!


i doubt its the connection between your speakers and the computer cause you said that the acoustic anomolies occur in different places within the tracks.

is this only happening with all your mp3 files or just with these new ones?

there are so many 'dud' files out on the net that if your not getting the problem with all your files, then you've just got yourself a few corrupted or purposely corrupted files.

do a bit more digging if this is the case to get files that dont have the same problem...or wait a few weeks and try getting a newer file.

the recording companies are paying specialist companies to flood file networks with bogus files..thats been going on for quite a while now though.

hope this helps
Intentionally trashed files, files corrupted during download, bad rip. Take you pick.

One other possibility. Your speakers may be damaged. I had a loose cone on one once. It only showed up during some songs by Police. Weird, but got them fixed under warantee. Loose plastic cases, or parts inside the speakers can cause similar problems.


I may actually be insane.
If you really want to check the file to see if it is that rather then the player/codec/speakers/other then you can download a tool such as Audacity (link) then open the file and look at the wave form, this way you can see if there are any spikes or irregular shapes where the static is.


Yeah, there is a lot of bogus files put out by the riaa. A way to decrease from them getting them a little bit is to get the new kazaalite 2.4.2 and update your block list.
I always go into the volume control panel and turn the master volume down to about 2, then turn my speakers up. Sometimes sound cards can create static if they over-amplify the audio.


Originally posted by Kevin06906
Yeah, there is a lot of bogus files put out by the riaa. A way to decrease from them getting them a little bit is to get the new kazaalite 2.4.2 and update your block list.
Actually that really isn't affective. As one of the main K++ creators mentioned, sure K++ blocks bad IP ranges, but that doesn't stop people from having the bad files in their shared list.
Like K++ is just one of many p2p apps usin the fast track network, so other people usin other clients still download the corrupted files and instead of deleting them, the n00bs usually keep them, and thus causing the problem of other users downloading them.
The only real way to solve the problem, is to pay more attention to the files you pick, and if you end up with a bad one, delete it, and try again.
Personally, I haven't come across very many bad mp3s.

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