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I want to rip MP3s in media player but I would like to get better than a useless 56kps.

I saw the download on this site to enable 96kps, but that is useless as well. I need at least 128 and preferably 256.

I downloaded the MP3 creation pack from this site, but it doesn't seem to install anything and only unpacks a codec that I don't know what to do with.

Little help please?
I downloaded something from this site to do it, it's Audio Conversion LE or something like that, it comes in the WMP Bonus Pack thing, I know it's possible, I do all of mine at 196
MP3 converter in the media player bonus pack converts MP3's to WMA files. It doesn't create MP3's.
I know about the mp3 creation pack. As I said in my first post, I downloaded it but when I unpack the rar file, all I get is a codec I don't know where to put and the pack doesn't seem to install itself anywhere on its own.

What am I doing wrong?
when I downloaded it, rar archive contained .msi file - Microsoft Installer. it installed addin for me.

I have another question: is there a way to make WPM download songs' and artists' names, as Real Jukebox does it???

Use Music Match Jukebox from it's not expencive - I have been using it for a couple of years and it's been the best Conversion utility for Mp3 - WMA - CD Ripping that I have ever used.
OK, so apparently the mp3 creation pack from this site does install the codec where it should because it appears in the codecs listing in device manager.

The problem is that if I go into media player and click on the copy music tab under tools/option, and change the format from wma to mp3 the quality slidebar drops from 192 for wma to 56 for mp3. The slider is then grayed out and can't be changed unless I go back to wma format.

Damn controlling Microsoft. sure, if I want to use their format it's all good. If I want MP3 like 99% of the population of the world, they f**k me.

Anyone know if there is a reg hack or something to allow me to change the quality for mp3 to at least 128?
Strange, it works fine for me! I use it all the time, and WMP downloads the song titles and such, it even gets the CD cover.
It works now, but for the third CD I get wrong song list, however artists are correct. I also can't find my disks using search. Real JukeBox identifies all of them correctly. Microsuxx...

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