MP3 Renamer (File Renamer)


Not Bman

I am in need of a program that can rename my files.

I want it to be able to at capitals, dashes, etc

If it's possible, I have not found one, FREE?

Please give me your opinions on the best one out there.

I tryed the first one, CRAP, dosen't work and is messed up.

I then tryed the second one, it's too complicated. I can't find out how to rename my mp3 files. Like right now I want to rename an album, which all songs are 01namehere.mp3.....I want to add the band name to all of them in one go.....

I'll try those ones now...hold on...


I tryed out The GodFATHER...........AMAZING WORK THAT IT DOES!!!! but is there away to get it to do wma?
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I have choosen The Godfather, but I need one that works for WMA files..
i hav used loads but magic file renamer (google it) rocks ... does all sorts of clever tuff with tokens as well as the usual, preview mode as well as id3 reader and sequential renaming ..

(ps if this has been helpful press the star!)
you guys should read better, i already stated im using "The Godfather"

IC IC, means i see i see...

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