mp3 playlist maker

I have a massive collection of mp3's that is about to be burned into dvd's

the mp3's are organized into folders per album with the album name.

what i am trying to do is to create a playlist for each directory and also one for the main dvd with relative paths so that i can play it on any mp3 enabled device.

I am looking for software that will recurrsively look at my directories and create a playlist and save it to each directory.. and something thats sort of automatic so that i wouldnt have to spend hours and hours creating playlists

i have been looking but havnt been able to find one..

any suggestions ?


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winamp, but u might have to mess around with the relative directory structure, u can just open it with notepad i think or there should be an option somewhere in there
hmm i tried winamp but i still can not figure out how to create a playlist for each folder automatically..

can you tell me how ?

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