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mp3 players...


Seeking Up

im going to hawaii in feb, and instead of taking all my cds i was thinking about getting an mp3 player. I was looking at a few and i just wanted to know what ones all you guys have and if you like them and whats good and bad about them!!!


In my opinin, iPods are the best. I dun have one though :-( there like $200 and up depending on how big of a hard drive u want. The cheapest one has a 5GB hard drive and that can hold like 2000 songs!!! U should definitly get one if ya got the money $bling bling$ :)

Seeking Up

ya i was looking at the 10 gig one but i want to see about other ones.. and yes i have the $green green$


The Ipod is a waste of money. They are bulky and cost way to damn much. The controll on them sucks (a dial) you have to pull it out of your pocket and stuff to change tracks and etc..

I would suggest you pickup a Samsung 700H and some smc's.

I own a few smsung mp3 players. They are affordable and small. Plus they have remotes and etc.. Great thing is they arnt over priced and smc's are pretty cheap. If not get one of those MP3 cd players. Those are a good deal. I just don't reccoment the Ipod to anyone its a waste of money.

Seeking Up

128mb doesnt seem like it would hold alot of mp3s, i was looking at the hard drive ones like ipod etc..... but that is a nice one ill have to look at it in person tho


go mini disc if you want good quality stuff... it's even small then those stupid mp3 player... cheaper and more flexible.. think about it...


I may actually be insane.
Any of the new ones, unlike mp3 players.... they're all good :)

The new new Sony NET MD's are good as you can transfer the music to the MD at 32x which is the only advantage mp3 players had over MD until now.

Seeking Up

i was just checking out MD's on cnet and they have Sony Net MD MZ-N1 as a 7/10 and they said the downfall is = The bad: Copyright-protection technology slows down transfers and consumes disk space; can't upload recordings via USB; expensive.
The bottom line: Sony's software drags down an otherwise fine product... they say its slow to transfer? idk i maybe just confused


I may actually be insane.
in basic terms, the software that comes with NET-MD's is a bit crap :)

But at the end of the day, there are no alternatives and it does the job


I may actually be insane.
no, well, its not essential...

with an mp3 player you digitally transfer data to the memory on the device, where-as with a mini-disc you use an audio input to record sound rather than data.
with the new net-md's its possible to do both (i think) where by you can record audio to the MD and transfer mp3's to it via the software ... either way the end result is Music on a disc which you can listen to on the move.


If you are going to get an MD, DO NOT GET A SONY.

Comparatively, the Sony's have lower quality sound output. (not my opinion www.minidisc.org for the tests etc)

Get a Sharp as they are very reliable and very damned stylish. They also have NetMD feature but mp3 is a lossy format. You're going from one lossy format to another. You should record from a CD preferably. Utilise the Optical in on your MD and record from your DVD player or your PC if you have an optical out plug.

Minidisc is so much more versatile than mp3's. You can also do Analogue recording to your MD and as long as you are recording from a quality source its fairly hard to distinguish between an optical (digital) and a analogue recording.

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