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MP3 Player in GTA3!


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Did you know that if you navigate to the folder that GTA3 is installed and put your MP3s into the MP3 directory, you get an ingame option to play them just like another radio station. It is awsome in my opinion. You do need to restart your computer after you put mp3s into the folder for it to register correctly though.


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I soppose you could do that

But it does take away your resources that way. So ingame mp3 player is much smoother and it interacts with the game. (i.e getting in/out of the car)
That is wicked :D

What's even better is that it works with links, so I don't have to copy my 2000+ mp3s into that folder, I can just drop that many links in there instead :p Waste of clusters though, that method :p

EDIT: Oh, and I don't need to reboot between changing the folder contents :)

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