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8 Apr 2005
I'm sure this is probably old for most, but I came across a nifty tool called MP3Gain. This utility can scan your mp3 files and display their volume levels, as well as quickly set them to whatever dB levels you choose. I didn't think much of it until you listen to a set of tracks with different levels and then when they have the same levels. Simply wonderful!

Anyone use it or something similar before? What are your dB levels of choice? I went with 90 dB myself...
As far as audio ripping. Normalizing is a major no no. Simply because it depletes the sound quality. As for that reason; I never normalize my music. If it is ripped right, you do not need to normalize it.
i found it to be inconsistent and useless...only thing i use it for now is audiobooks
Can i normalise the sound in one file alone, like I have a poor copy of a few songs I like when they rather abruptly get louder then quieter, canit help there - anyone know of an app that will?
mp3gain will do individual files, you should check it out.

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