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mp3 files over wireless network



I recently set up a wireless network after we moved into a new house that's not friendly for running wires. I'm using a D-link 614+ access point / router, D-Link 520 + pci card in my son's computer, and D-link 810+ for my Audiotron. Everything set up pretty easily, and I have good signal strengths at each site. I'm set up with 64 bit WEP, with the same key on each piece of hardware.

Now my question. I keep all my mp3 files on my computer, and everyone accesses them over the network. (one day I'll get a dedicated server, but that's for later). The audiotron works great, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Plays files like a charm, and never stutters. But trying to play the files from my son's computer (with Win media player 8) is a nightmare. Even with no other network use, and my host computer idle, the files stutter, stall and time out. My son's computer has a good connection, and internet access and file sharing seem to work fine.

My computer:
P4 2.26, 512 MB DDR (1 stick)
Gigabyte GI8-EXP
Gforce 4 4200 128MB
onboard sound, lan
WinXP Home sp1

Son's computer:
Athlon 2000 (1.67) 256 MB DDR (1 stick)
Soyo Dragon KT400
Geforce 4 4200 64MB
onboard sound, lan
WinXP home sp1

Any suggestions on how to smooth up / improve network play of mp3 files short of running cat5?

Thanks in advance


XP-erience Oldie
I don't think wireless is designed to continually stream rich multimedia to be honest :eek:

I dunno if anyone will have any suggestions?

i have all my music on on emachine and play them over network drive share to all others with winamp....... the bandwidth used is very low would think it would work well over wireless also

personally not impressed with media player overall for mp3... very heavy, and over network would think it would suck

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