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Mp3 Encoding Help

No point in using 48 kHz unless you are recording from a Record or some Analogue system. CDs only use 44.1 kHz, so using anything higher would be a waste of space. Also dont encode much higher then 128 kbps for MP3 or 96 kbps for WMA. After those you arent gaining much more quality, only the file size gets bigger.


gtgarside i take it you hearing is not that goo, or your spekear system blows !

of course you gain a lot more from 160k or even 192k!!!

128k DOES reduce quality, but you can't really hear it con cheap speakers that come with your compaq!

i can REALLY tell the diference betwen 128k, 160k and 192k
after that on 256k is really hard to tell the diference, but between 128 and 192 i would definitl use 192 for archiving purposes and to play on hi end systems, if you just want to listen on cheap compaq speakers then just use 128k or even 96k you wont hear a diference from the CD :D



hardware monkey
i'm with niabi. all my ripped songs are 192... i find it's a good compromise between size and quality. but i admit that i am an audiophile and listen to my music at a robust volume. for the average listener, 128 is just fine.
your punished.

I have good hearing, and an Audigy with Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers, I was only quoting the normal recommended MP3 bitrate. I am just saying that it is a waste of space to use the 320kbps, as that is insane, you cant hear the difference.

Anyway if you are so hung up on audio quality what are you doing listening to stuff from a PC anyway. Go listen to a Record.


EAC + LAME + VBR + r3mix settings = god

btw... 128kbps != CD Quality...
256kbps = CD Quality.

192 is the optimum bitrate but to make it even better you should use LAME to encode using r3mix settings

so those bits that aren't that complex it goes down to a really low 32kbps but on the really complex bits it'll jump up to 320kbps etc... of course it also does inbetween =P

hehehe... sif use wma... as good a codec as it is, they don't have vbr.

OGG is god though =) just need more ogg UI's =)


has anyone else noticed that ever since winXP came out, any new mp3's recorded at 128 sound just ever so slightly more "twangy" (same with the recommended WMA CD quality setting)?


hardware monkey
Originally posted by gtgarside
Anyway if you are so hung up on audio quality what are you doing listening to stuff from a PC anyway. Go listen to a Record.
oh, so that's where it's at?? */runs out to buy vinyl* }:>
yeah records have the best sound as it is analogue and not digital so its not a block sin wave it is a true sin wave.

Only prob, you cant download records of KaZaA or WinMX

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