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MP3 codec for windows media player

Can some one tell me where i can down load the codec for WMP to play MP3's. If not can some one send the codec to me or even tell me the name of it so i can install it from the xp cd.


As far as I know WMP supports MP3 playback unless your MP3s are encoded with an unusual codec.

I been using the beta of WMP 9. It doesn't have an uninstaller, but I don't care. I reload my system often enough that it doesn't matter. If you want to try it you can find it at.

The latest version is a release canidate. Which is really just another beta. This one is the third version I have seen. I started using the betas when the first one came out. Right now I'm using the second one.


You may find something there that may solve your codec problem too.
I have upgraded to WMP 9 but i installed a codec program before that crapped out my pc until i removed it. When i removed it it must of removed the MP3 codec so therefore im stuffed.
Does anyone know where the codecs are kept on the hdd.
I installed X-Teq X-Setup and there is a plugin that enables MP3 playback. It seems that the codec is installed, but has to be activated.
When X-Setup is installed, start the program using the Default UI. Go to Program Options -> Built in Windows Apps -> Windows Media Player -> MP3 Encoding. Follow instructions in the bottomright screen and you're done.

Here's proof:


This works for me using Media Player 9 build 2903
Posted by psychic51
There is a codec package available from Microsoft. You can get it at.


I just ran it on my system. The installer looks at the codecs you have and installs ones that you are missing. It may restore the functionallity of your player.
You can't download codecs there. You have to buy them from a third party supplier like InterVideo. The same goes for DVD-support. Go to WindowsMedia.com for more information.


I downloaded a package from that page that installed some codecs. I still don't know if it will solve the problem that this tread was started for, but it may.

I haven't figured out how to display a .jpg in my messages yet, but I attached a picture of the file I downloaded.
I just saw that I didn't read the original post correctly. I thought brocher meant MP3 recording with WMP. My apologies for any confusion this may have lead to.

Back to physic51's post. From the looks of it, it only updates the Windows Media Formats (like .wma and .wmv) and not MP3 formats.

To get back to the original question: I don't know how to install the MP3 codec manually. It would sure help us to let us know what version of WMP you are using. If you are (planning to) using the BETA version of Windows Media Player 9 ('Corona'), you might want to try to (re)install the package. The installer than can see what file is missing or damaged and replaced it with a working one. The official BETA can be found on WindowsMedia.com or other leaked BETA's may be found or various other sites. Search the forums and frontpage news for sites.
If you are using the standard version of Windows Media Player 8 ('XP'), than you can upgrade to WMP9 to update all files, or you can make the Windows Media Player visible in the Remove Windows Apps section of Add/Remove Programs.
To do this, you must go to the following folder:
From there rightclick the wmp.inf file and choose Install. It now installs the files and if a file is missing, point to your Windows XP CD-ROM.
If that doesn't work, there is a more drastic method. I must warn that this is the second most drastic way (after formatting and starting all over) to replace the files. Perform the following instructions only when you have tried all other options and when you are absolutely sure what your are doing!

To perform a system file check, do the following:
Boot your computer using the Windows XP CD-ROM. Choose the repair option in one of the next screens and follow the intructions. After you came in the Repairconsole, type in the following command:
sfc /scannow
It now checks *all* system files, including, but not limited to, files used by Windows Media Player 8. When it finds a missing or bad file, it replaces the file with the one on the CD-ROM, so some fileupdates might be lost. This may take a while, so fetch a cup of coffee and watch the news or sump :).

Hope this helps, 'cause if it don't, blame the dog ;)!

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