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Mozilla Starter Guide


I may actually be insane.
I've just stumbled upon this Mozilla guide titled "Mozilla Starter Guide or Making Mozilla work for YOU!"
It basically hi-lights some of the handy options that the Mozilla browser has, instead of saying "Mozilla's the best...go use it".
It's a good way for people who want to move across to Mozilla to see WHY some people class it as the best browser.

note: I don't want this to turn into an argument thread of any kind, so no saying "well ----- can do that", or "----- is better".
This is about Mozilla!


OSNN Godlike Veteran
No it doesn't. I use AdShield with IE and the above advert isn't blocked.

I'm asking because I DON'T want it blocked. I need to be click happy with our advert :happy:


I may actually be insane.
No, it only blocks javascript created windows, ie: those adverts that open in a new (usually smaller) window.

As for blocking the advert at the top of this page. You could probably right click it and click "Block images from this server"

Not that you'd want to do that, we want that banner to be displayed. ;)


I may actually be insane.
I won't block any adverts except pop-up ones, I have no problem with a banner placed on my screen, but forcing me to open new windows when im quite content with just the one isn't needed.
This is why i use Mozilla, it blocks pop-up windows, and the tabbed browsing helps me to open links that would normally open in a new window (e.g. links from this forum) into the same window.

Perris Calderon

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the ONLY adds that adsheild doesn't block are java adds

which in a month or two, when adshield releases the next generation, it will block java too.

addshield ccan block any add, any popup, any gif...period.

now, as far as the original puorpose of this thread;

the very first thing anyone who wants to try mozilla should do, is go straight to pheonix...

just having fun, speedy

speedy knows what he's talking about when it comes to mozilla.

edit...speedy knows what he talks about when he talks about anything


I may actually be insane.
the very first thing anyone who wants to try mozilla should do, is go straight to pheonix...
Heh, Thats quite a valid option, i think that all the things mentioned in the guide also apply to phoenix, unless i'm mistaken?


I may actually be insane.
It's implemented into the Mozilla nightly.
And as far as i know it's available in the latest release of phoenix.

Just checked, it is in the latest phoenix
# ntellimouse 5-button support
You can now use your back and forward mouse buttons with Phoenix

Perris Calderon

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SPEEDY...you knwo what you could ask for in pheonix that might make me try it again?

if they could get an auto hide for the tabs....that would be cool

the autohide should also have an adjustment for how fast it hides, and how fast it unhides

Perris Calderon

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in ie, I have auto hide in both the takbar, and the toolbar.

but in mozilla, I'm talking about the tabs.

they should autohide...that would make them useable to me

for me, screen area is key...the tabs to me are not worth the screen area, but if they auto hid...I might like em

Perris Calderon

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see my screen shot, for double auto hide.

now, I was able to get this affect in pheonix also, but the tabs should have their own autohide



How did you get autohide in both? I have the taskbar in autohide and that sure would be cool to have it in the tool bar.......

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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if you're talking about ie, you need to be in f11

my ie lauches to f11 by default by the way.

anyway, once in f11, just right click on what's left of the toolbar, and autohide presents itself.

if you're talking about mozilla, it's only available in pheonix, and again, f11, but I forget where autohide is in the pheonix gui.

noww, check this out...this is a post that I wrote for the front page a while ago;

If you're like me, you like as much content on your browser page as possible.

The best way to do this is by hitting the f11 key, which will give you a full screen.

You can increase this screen size even more, by auto hiding the task bar on bottom, and auto hide the toolbar on top as well.

If you're not familiar with how to do this, simply right click on the toolbar on top while in f11 mode, and the option to autohide presents itself

On the task bar on bottom, find an empty area again, right click, hit properties, and there is the option to autohide this bar as well.

Now, I like as much content on my browser page even when I'm not in f11 mode, and with a few clicks, you can usually bring all of the buttons and functionality of your toolbar to one bar, without loosing any of the functionality!

First, right click on the toolbar, hit customize...

The first thing you should do, is hit "no text labels" on the bottom...by now, you should know what all of the icons do without needing the space consuming text labels

Now, if your vision is fine, you should also hit "small icons" in the icon options box...this will also make better use of allot of wasted space.

alright, now go to the icons box on the top right, highlight and remove every button that you have not used in a while.

This will usually include the printer button, which usually does not work, the home page icon, which most people almost never use, and every other button you think is unnecessary for your personal use.

You should also eliminate all of the separators, as they serve no purpose at all

Now, for the best part;

Close this box, and go back to a right click on the toolbar again, where you will uncheck "lock the toolbars"

Go to the bottom left of the toolbars, grab the dotted lines that are now available, and drag each one to the right and up one level.

You should now be able to get all of your functionality onto one toolbar.

This will include the address bar, which for most users does not need to be bigger then an inch and a half or so of the toolbar.

When you're satisfied with your new toolbar, go back to a right click, and lock the toolbars again.

There...now, you will enjoy almost f11 viewing, but you will have all the functionality of a full toolbar.


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Here's a question for the Mozilla Guru :p

As you know I can't import my IE favorites. Isn't there a folder, like with IE, I can go to C:\Documents and Settings\Jewelzz\Favorites ... I can copy/paste. Isn't there a similar folder for Mozilla where I can just copy my favs from IEs folder to Mozilla's folder?


I may actually be insane.
Mozilla's bookmarks are stored in a single file >>
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\random name.slt\bookmarks.html

I don't know why importing IE fav's doesn't work with the latest build, i'll look into it, see if there's a different method of doing it.

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