Mozilla Optimizer 1.6.1

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    Mozilla Optimizer 1.6.1
    Mozilla Optimizer is a tool which optimizes Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape settings in order to considerably boost page loading.

    For example, it enables HTTP Pipeling and Keep Alive to keep the TCP overhead low while retrieving the website content.

    All these changes can be made manually, but this tool makes life a little bit easier.

    Very Clean simple program
    give it a try
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    I'll give it a try if a few others do too...
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    As stated, these are the same tweaks that can be added to prefs.js/user.js to increase the number of concurrent connections, enable pipelining, decrease rendering delay etc.

    I'm sure the app should be safe to use if you prefer not to twiddle with configuration files, but I've already gone through that, so I'll let it pass. [​IMG]