Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

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perris said:
where is the option to see browsers?????

do I need to be super mod to do this?

if so, that sux

You don't need to be a super mod. :p
Just go to the "Who's Online" page and select Yes in the User-Agents dropdown box.
And you can see who's updated their Windows and who hasn't.

NetRyder has... he has revision 1.6 after his version of Windows. Me too (also). EP hasn't... no revision after his. :D
please for all that is good in this world does anyone know how to remove the "close other tabs" in mozilla if you right click?

ps - I also have $1 USD ;)
Xie said:
please for all that is good in this world does anyone know how to remove the "close other tabs" in mozilla if you right click?

ps - I also have $1 USD ;)

O.K.... First, download and install the "Tabbrowser Extensions" plugin. (see first attachment)

Second, click on "tab" on the top tool bar of Firefox and then in the drop down menu click on "tabbrowser extensions preferences" (see second attachment) at the bottom of the menu.

Then (see third attatchment) on the left side of the window that pops up click on "context menu". Then in the right side of the window, under the heading "Available items in the context menu of tabs", scroll to the button labeled "close other tabs" and make sure that it is NOT checked. Click O.K. and yer done.
Glaanieboy said:
What websites are you trying to load in those tabs? I open up 4 websites on my computer at home and 3 at school with FireFox 0.8 and I don't have any problems.

Well in order it's Spammers, NTFS and then Google. Spammers loads up OK (phew) but then NTFS and Google do the vanishing act.
i get this as well

nornally it's ntfs + fsmail that wont load, despite having an address identicle to my favs, which i then click to open up the relevant sites :p
Has anyone seen this? It actually seems to work or it's just my imagination



**edit - all it does, I think, is write some values in pref.js
hey...anyway to get firefox to use ms virtual machine?

man I hate sun java
gonaads said:
So where's my money? :D
checks in the mail ;)

that plugin is a pain to use ... think i finally got it to a usable state ... and best of all no more "close other tabs" :D
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