Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

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nope not possible to change that. there probably is a bug for it in bugzilla, so vote for that and hope it gets fixed in the future builds
Well, since my C: partition is pretty much the size of the Windows install, and my progs go into my D: partition, I was actually surprised to see a 2 x 670 meg simultanious downloads tell me that I have run out of disk space. At first I couldn't figure out why since the specified folder sits in my E: partition which has still 30 free gigs. I will go and see if it is in bugzilla.

Cheers for the answer. I'll give it a go when I have the time to play properly!
Browser wars anyone?


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I'm kinda lost about the find thingier, where you click a word and it finds it "real time" in the page (all point at the n00b and laugh :p )
Anyway can anyone explain a bit abou it.
just start typing on a page and it will search for the text in links. if you want to search all text in a page start with / and then what youre searching for.
the thing is, sometimes when you type couple of letters it jumps to the end of the page and finds a word with those letters in.
But it kinda "locks" on that word and wont go back to the beginning of the page to find other words with those letters in.

I hope I'm making sense here :p
Ctrl + G or F3 will go the next match
Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3 will go to the previous match
dubstar said:
firebird nightlies??? what is this you speak of?
The Mozilla Firebird source is compiled every single night, therefore including any changes or advancements included in that days work, these builds are called nightlies.
X-Istence said:
Browser wars anyone?

Ya don't wanna get Perris all in a huff again. Remember, no bad mouthin other browsers just discuse small comparisons but backed up with factual comments.

Les we seek his rath. :D
The Lizard would devour that little E like a cookie :p

Anything exciting been added to the Moz or Firebird nightlies? Haven't grabbed one in a while..
the firebird nightlies have a new download manager as main new thing and the usual bug fixing, dunno about moz
right how do i delete (uninstall) an extension from firebird, so its gone off the list and not just disabled.
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