Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

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Henyman said:
i find FF lightning fast :D

As I...

Marge, maybe some house cleaning? Defrag? Get the HDD(s) hummmin. Maybe? :confused:
yeah run disk cleanup, defrag, clear all temp internet files + cookies, then kick your modem :D :cool:
I dunno it's probably me,I'm cursed..Everything that can go wrong always does :rolleyes:

Forgot to say that all you've said above was done yesterday when I was sproing cleaning the pc :D
Henyman said:
yeah run disk cleanup, defrag, clear all temp internet files + cookies, then kick your modem :D :cool:

Modem...!? No wonder. :p

errrrrr, dial-up joke :D
what speed?

i seem to remember it being 128k or sumin with NTL :p
That really does have to be the most pathetic thing NTL have done.

Hey look at our 128k lines!
-- Whatever, we've had dual ISDN for years
Oh Sh!t! Quick, make it 150k! ... man, we're so good.

NTL suck btw, just for those who don't know ;)
Give it a rest .
It's nothing to do with NTL,I've asked around and I'm not the only one having problems with Firefox being slow
I'm trying to stick it out but it's annoying.
Mayve FireFox is intelligent enough to detect what ISP you use, so it makes you think that the internet is really slow, so you quickly step over to another, faster, better ISP?
Tell that to a friend of mine who's got same trouble and he's got Satellite internet
i find, it quite fast. faster than IE in most cases. have you enabled pipelining and forced it to load the page before everything is loaded... that makes no sense..... i forget the word, but theres a couple of tweaks that might help
I know what you mean and all that's been done.
The more I'm on a site the quicker it gets but when I first open pages it loads like a snail and the images take ages to load up.
Alright, I am thinking of stepping over from Outlook 2003 to Thunderbird, does anyone know if there is a converter around that converts the OL2003 mail and contacts to Thunderbird format?
I switched back to Tbird from Outlook 2003 a few weeks ago.
Thunderbird will be able to import all your mails and contacts from Outlook. Just use Tools>Import and select the Mail/Address Book option. :)
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