Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

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polyglory said:
I am currently running on IE6, can someone tell which is the most stable one to try out first. :)

.7 is stable release
working well here - often the nightlies are neat tho


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I use IE 6.0.2800 at the moment. If I d/l and try Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird, will it upset stuff or will both work?


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You can run IE, Mozilla, Mozilla FireBird all together if you want, you can even run 2 copies of moz (stable/nightly) :D


I may actually be insane.
hides the damned conf files from you though (if you're new to it and not knowledgeable to where they are) which doesn't cause a problem, but when you remove an app it can be annoying to find bits left over.

Hopefully that will be rectified once FB comes with an installer :)


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Uhm, their not hidden, they are put there where all standard windows programs also dump its ****, and windows apps leave their **** behind there as well. They dont remove it when its uninstalled.

Just a note, when you use FireBird on Linux, it creates a .phoenix folder in your homedir, same sort of concept.


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I am using Firebird .7

When I am downloading a file, is there someway that, as it is downloading, It d/l's directly to the specified folder, instead of into the "temp" folder first then, when complete, transfers over to the specified folder?

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