Mozilla Firefox Icon (PNG)

Here's a dock icon that I threw together using the official new Firefox logo. Thought I'd release it here for anyone else that's interested.

A little preview:

Enjoy your shiny new build! :D

EDIT: The original one was an odd size since I put it together so quickly. Here's a new 128x128 one. Tried to keep jaggies to a minimum.



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sboulema said:
can someone setup a torrent for this build. i cant download it anywhere, every link is so busy its dead.
I put up a temp mirror .. look for links in mozilla/gekko thread :)


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That is sweet, gotta download and install now at work... aaaahhh, it's good ta have a crash-test dummy. :D


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Does this one veiw web pages better than the last one ? That gecko style don't do so well with some of the web sites I go to ..
If there were bugs in the Gecko rendering engine, they may have been fixed.

However, if the reason Gecko did not display a web page correctly is because of non-standard code (a.k.a. IE-only code) issues, then the problem is likely to continue. You should contact the webmaster/admin of the site and request that he/she validate their code against W3C standards. :)


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Johnny said:
Does this one veiw web pages better than the last one ? That gecko style don't do so well with some of the web sites I go to ..

This is unfortunately the way IE code works, it "guesses" at what the webmaster has created in the page code and renders it accordingly. It is not strict to W3C standards the way Gecko is. Lazy webmasters, lazy code, bad render of web pages in Gecko. No fault of the Gecko browser.

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