Mozilla Firebird Nightly Installer

For those of you who update your Firebird builds often, this might prove to be useful. I threw it together sometime ago, and thought I should post it here. It's based off the update script that SpeedY had posted for Mozilla some time ago.

Basically, it will download the latest nightly, unzip the contents into the MozillaFirebird folder, and clean up after it's done. All your bookmarks are left intact. Be aware that extensions do not remain when you update.

It has been tested on Windows XP Pro and Home, and works fine.

The attached ZIP file contains 3 files: getfirebird.cmd, ftp.txt and unzip.exe.

After you unzip the files, move getfirebird.cmd and ftp.txt to the folder one level above the MozillaFirebird folder (in which Firebird is installed by default). For example, if you install Firebird in C:\Program Files\MozillaFirebird, place the two files in C:\Program Files.

Create a shortcut to getfirebird.cmd on your desktop if you want.

Then move the unzip.exe file to your C:\WINDOWS folder.

Now just double click the desktop shortcut, and the script will do it's thing. :)
Hope this makes updating more convenient for all of you. You can also add a shortcut to your startup folder if you want to get an update everytime you start your computer. ;)

Post any requests/problems in this thread. I will update the script in case any paths/URLs change in the future.


I may actually be insane.
Good to see the binary command is in there :D :p

You could make this a self executing archive, I know that WinRAR offers the ability to extract files to exact locations and run them, then delete them after.
I was thinking of the self-extracting idea, but I realized that not everybody might have their MozillaFirebird folders in the same location like Program Files. ;)
Firebird is simply in my opinion the best browser out there. But I only keep to the actual releases like 0.5 and 0.6. Is it worth using the nightly binaries? Aren't there a lot of bugs? What's in them to warrant upgrading all the time?


I may actually be insane.
Sometimes you get the new features that are in the "to-do" lists for the next official release, and because there are sometimes large gaps between the official builds it's worth getting the nightly build.

You're perfectly ok with just the releases. I just prefer to have a nightly every week or so, just so that I know I have the latest stuff :)
Glad you guys find it useful. :)
Answering Shaun's question: I've been using nightlies ever since Phoenix crossed v0.5 and I've found them to be as stable as the milestone builds. There are minor problems occasionally, but most of the time, they work well.

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