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Mozilla build


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Anyhoo I finally got bored enough to try it out. Anyhoo followed directions and everything seems to have build ok. I then followed the directions at the bottom to make a OSX package (dmg) of my build so I would have it as a backup and whatnot. Anyhoo I installed it and running it now and its really much faster and using 1/2 the memory. The problem is the part about the making of the package that talks about running the "mozilla" and not the "mozilla-bin". I look @ the file I'm running by right click -> info and it shows it as "mozilla.app" (as it should be). However when I look in activity monitor is shows as "mozilla-bin". :( What's up?

*edit* - ok must have gremlins in my mini as now I checked activity manager again and it's now longer showing it as "mozilla-bin" anymore, but as "mozilla" like it should. Very odd ... :tired:

*edit2* - I'm so tired I forgot to link directions :p


- geek -
SPeedY_B said:
I have "app-bin" when using official builds sometimes. Them Gecko folk be strange I tell ye.
Well right after I posted I checked activity monitor again and it had "mozilla" with the nice icon again instead of "mozilla-bin". Was very odd.

Other then that seems to run top notch, pages load faster and switching tabs and such is much more snappy. :classic:

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