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Mozilla 1.3b Released!

Jewelzz ... this might interest you:

Intellimouse Explorer Backwards and Forwards button support has been implemented for Mozilla on MS Windows.

Awesome ... just installed it.

It has some of the great features from Phoenix like notifying you when it blocks popups with a little status bar icon.
There are some new options in Preferences to tweak TypeAhead and to enable Prefetching for faster page loads.
Now it has the automatic image-resize feature of IE too.

It just keeps getting better :D


I may actually be insane.
Woke up a bit now.

Got it downloaded and installed. Works a treat, Chatzilla's even got its own options now! sidebuttons on my mouse are working perfectly, the type ahead config saves me pressing "/" before using it every time. Pop-up blocking looks a lot easier to use now.
Havent ran into the image resize yet tho but i hate that feature on IE anyway :)
a) 1.3b that's BETA has not been out for a while... SPEEDY... just felt like saying that...

b) 1.3b is not on the ftp right now?... i wen't to mozilla.org and i'tsa no there... eh...
Umm ... if anyone is using 1.3 beta, are you able to open .jpg attachments on the forum?

It brings up the save/open dialog box for me. I had this problem with Phoenix 0.5 ... I sure hope it's not going to stay like this in Moz 1.3 :confused:


I may actually be insane.
a) 1.3b that's BETA has not been out for a while... SPEEDY... just felt like saying that...
yeah, i said it for fun :rolleyes:

NetRyder, yes, I had the same problem, with quite a few different pages actually :\
I've just un-installed 1.3b and put 1.2.1 back on, as nice as all the new features may be, I can't put up with all those bugs.


Yeah... i got the jpeg problem... Its because the forum uses a php script to retrieve the locally stored file. Thats whats stuffing it up. I've learned to live with it. Not like i open that many jpegs on this forum myself

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