Moving to another HD


I may actually be insane.
Theres not really a category for this, but heres what i intend to do...

I currently have a 40gb HD with Windows XP on (occupying around 11gb with all my junk) the same drive has a 10gb EXT2 linux partition, now i have a new blank 20gb drive and i want to transfer XP over onto that and give linux the 40gb!

Is there any way to do this?
or will it have to be a case of a fresh install XP on the 20gb drive?
It would probably be easiest to just save your junk and do a fresh install. question...why do you want linux to have the 40gb? linux needs far LESS space then XP and since linux can read ntfs, fat, and fat32 you cna share room if you partition right


I may actually be insane.
I know it seems odd to give linux the 40, but what im trying to do is use linux as my main o/s and just have windows there for when its _needed_ (College work etc)
plus linux can actually only read NTFS and cant write to it, and i always use ntfs as my windows file system.


Why don't you partition the 20 Gig into at least 2 drives, one for linux and one for windows (ntfs) then format the 40GB as fat32 so both OS's can use it?, I mean I have never seen anyone, even ppl who mainly use linux needing anything anywhere near 40GB for it, in fact (unless they're using a bloated linux like mandrake) I haven't seen anyone over bout 4GB.


You should use Norton Ghost (if you can't find it anywhere you can mail me) or Disk Image. You can make a complete system back up with that.

However, Norton Ghost only works under DOS, as far as I know, but the 2002 version does read NTFS.

First you should put in the 20GB disk, format that disk in XP to FAT32. Create or download a bootdisk at Boot into DOS. Make a back up with Norton Ghost from the 40GB disk, either in another partition or to your 20Gb disk. Where you put the image should be FAT32. (not entirely sure if that is necessary though, but at least DOS will see it.)

Go into XP, convert your FAT32 to NTFS. However leave the part where ghost is put in FAT32.

Boot again in DOS, restore the ghost image to your new NTFS partition and you should be done. Now of course, you can format the 40GB and install Linux on it. Good luck.