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Anybody know if there is a program for windows XP that can defragment the XP pagefile and also move it to the fromd of the disk drive like SpeedDisk used to in non XP system. I tried Perfect disk and it said that it could not defragment the swap file because I did not have enough free disk space? while I had 5 GB free on a 20 GB hard drive. Curently my swap file has over 100 fragments and is scatered toward the slow end of my hard drive making it very slow.

And any other features of Norton SW would also be nice like whipe free space and many other features that seem po have been lost in Windows XP.

How much ram ?

For all of you with 512 MB RAM or more, here's my advice.. get rid of that swap file! You will be surprised that Windows XP will run fine without it once you have the RAM available.

If you do not feel comfortable with going without a swap file, then set it to a minimum of 50 MB. To do this, Right-click on the My Computer Icon on your desktop, then select Properties. Click Advanced, then Settings, Then Advanced.

In the section describing virtual memory, click the CHANGE button, then select NO PAGING FILE if you want no swap file.. or CUSTOM SIZE if you want to start at 50 MB.

This will not only improve system performance, but you will be amazed as to how fast your system will run.
What also you might be able to do when the XP defragmenter wont defrag the page file.
Only if you have enough ram to load the system without going into your pagefile upon boot up.

Disale the page file, do the reboot thing , then defragment again, then recreate the page file to your preferance.

Also if you make the page file static it wont fragment as bad (ie.. set custom page file sizes to 300 for max and 300 for min.)

I unfortunately only have 256 MB SDRAM at the mmoment and I don't realy want to get more as it would be better to get a new motherboard and DDR ram instead, but I'm not gonna do that yet ether.

I know that without a pagefile I don't have enough memory and I currntly use the XP default size of 384 MB for both max and min pagefile size, and I still have over 160 swapfile fragmants acording to the XP defragmanter analysis.

The XP defragmanter does not defrabment free space so I never have a contiguaous 384 MB on the disk. Norton SpeedDisk does defragment free space, but it cannot move directories which are scatered all over the drive and at the very least maybee if someone knows how I can move all the directories to one spot, I might get enough contiguous free space to fit the entire swap file.


Actually came here for advice on page files and utilizing more memory, but......
Saw a tip somewhere about Linux users being familiar with using a separate partition for page files.
So, using Partition Magic, created a 500 meg FAT16 (faster than NTFS or FAT32) partition at the beginning of my disk where rotational speed is highest. Set it at 490 megs max and min.
System seems to run much faster, pagefile.sys never gets fragmented, and files in the main partition seem to fragment less from pagefile resizing.
Ran Speed Disk for a month and then XP defragmenter for a month. XP better. besides, XP defragments the boot sequence and speeds startup. MS has not been blind all this time. They, too, have always been aware of defrag problems, and I think they have made this defragmenter better than any others I have tried.
After running Speed Disk, XP defragmenter reported many files still fragmented. I realize the 2 use different criteria for fragmentation levels, but the number of actually fragmented files is not really a matter of opinion, but fact.
XP defragmenter still best for me.

Well i Have you all beat...I have a ram drive setup!! I tried for a monh disbling the page file and it was faster than having one,then I tried a month while setting pag file to ram and WOW my comp is soooo fast now..I also have all my internet coockies and temp files to ram so as soon as I reboot my system delets all my personal info and doesnt fragment my system....and hell my ram disk is like 30 times fatser than a SCSI RAID system !!!!!


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