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Moving on suggestions...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I do not feel an especial need to have a homepage - but since my ISP offers the space I have used some like this...

Now at the same time I also am aware this is "first generation" design wise and pretty prehistoric. At the same time I have registered a domain or two for myself and probably should be doing something to make use of those and have hits there redirected to this page, or host the pages on the server we have here at home... (and no doubt Lord would gladly offer me some of his space also).

What I woudl like are pointers in many and varied directions from you guys - I know quite a few of you are dab hands at design and have no diea if any of you ever started with a page like that one - but like the title says, it is better than leaving what my ISP puts up :p

I'll rep for the on topic posts, even if they are ideas or tutorials or graphics and stuff I do not use - I feel sure they'll have some interest to me anyway....
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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
LordOfLA said:
Networking with screws and cup hooks :D


"When driving down the hall do NOT drive into the server PLEASE"

wtf ? I guess my post was unclear in what would be on topic - that or the fatigue is setting in this week already Lord,... has there been a recent server outage or soemthing? Are you asking for improved CAt routings already?

All I do know is you are not addressing the topic as I intended it to be - REP--- :p

[EDIT] Or maybe, just maybe, I geddit - maybe Lord is suggesting new page titles? [/EDIT]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
... just to try to keep this on topic, here is an example of something that might be highly relevant.

Also at risk of waffling on... I do realise I really need to plan this if I want to maximize the learning process and minimize the frustration factor. I guess the misssing information for responses could be considered to be where my destination may be - but then again this I do not yet know. I can give some pointers:-

- Unlikely I shall blog
- May wish to have an area for "those that know me" (mebbe as simple as link to FTP space)
- Would like advice on need to protect from spam bots (do I even need to think about it? How visible could this page be? Unless I send folks there?)
- Prettifying is not too big to me, but playing about can be fun
- I'd like to avoid things that annoy people (you know the ones, ad links, music playing on pages, pop ups - but there may be more I need to be aware of that I have not considered).


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
a bump of sorts.... naturally I have cogitated and googled a little and realiz ethere's a ton of links to help me move forward and that is not really the issue - the issue is more WHAT I choose, which will be down to my audience for the domain - anyways given I have two that needs sorting first and then I really need to make a design map.

The process of how folks go through that and their personal site evolutions was what I was hoping to maybe hear back I guess - with a slight spin towards what I might do maybe.

As a side note I do have a friend who put in less work on his "home page" and if you want a laugh you can check it here
I found an awesome link around 4am this morning, shall post it tonight at work.

and yes I was suggesting new page/topic titles :D


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
indeed - that link looks to cover everthing under the sun - bookmarked - shall make handy reference I hope if I ever find time for moving this on! Rep++ for you, which I usually resist in case it seems like favouritism.... ;)
just do a journal about yourself. what you've done and do, what you'd like to do. things you're learning (what you're reading), what you'd like to learn more about but dont understand.

just random things. usually blogs help motivate you. even though you said you probably dont want one. it's nice to let things out - like a diary. you dont even need to let people see it. just have it publish to a directory that isnt linked. thats what i used to do, then i published it for people to see, then i took it down. :)

check out my site if you want some ideas. i dont have anything to sell, or really anything to offer people for coming back. it's just up to be up.


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