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Moving from Xp to 2000Pro for gaming


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I just heard that moving from XP to Win2000Pro would be a clear advantage as the OS is much smaller footprint and still has all the security features once all the updates from WindowsUpdate is installed.

In my personal opinion, I would think that it does not matter, as they both work off the same NTkernel, and that they both have the same drivers for the same hardware.

All your thoughts would be much appreciated.

XP is the only viable Os for gaming these days. It has better inbuilt compatibilty and abilites to cater to gaming. 2000 is just too old now. Stick to XP and leave all those that think they know better suffering on 2000 :D
XP uses an updated kernel as far as I know plus GFX drivers are written for XP first and foremost, 2000 is just an afterthought. 2000 is still better for workstations in my book though, we've had a few problems combining 2000 and XP throughout our networks.
2000 never had adequate gaming support.
It is missing robustness features like system restore.
It is at the end of it's life cycle and updates could be dropped at any time.

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