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Moving from Linux to XP


Random Apple Dude
Ok. Heres the deal.

I have a rrreealllyy old-ish machine (3 .. 4 years old). Presently I have the latest version of Ubuntu Linux on it.

I have a WinXP Pro CD for installing.

How do I make the move? I've tried holding down F5 / 6 / 8 / 11 on boot, but it always goes into Linux. :rolleyes:

First, you need to make sure that the CD-ROM drive is first in the boot priority list in the BIOS settings. You'll need to get into the BIOS to check this (the key depends on the specific BIOS you're using...it could be DEL, F1, F2 etc...it should show up as soon as you power on)

It seems like the hard disk has higher precedence than the CD drive right now. Move the CD drive higher up in the list, save the changes in the BIOS and reboot with the XP CD in the drive. Once the setup process starts, you can use the built-in tool to format the partition that currently holds Ubuntu.


Random Apple Dude
edit - the computer has now totally died. as such i thankyou (all?) for your time but your help will no longer be required.

R.I.H you Windows scum sucking ass machine :dead: :rolleyes:
I think it was computercide. He new threatening a lifelong linux box with XP could be fatal. He should have had a paramedic team standing by.


OSNN Senior In Progress
Hey I wuz juz wondering....

I dont know if this thing I read was old skool and
now its changed but i remember reading somewhere
that in order to have windows and linux running
on the same machine, u have to install
windows first and then linux.

Or was it that we had to have two partitions
and the first had to be windows? In order
to have a dual boot the first had to be
FAT? Did I just confuse myself?



OSNN One Post Wonder
Windows has to installed first, it's very possessive over theMBR. The filesystem type is meaningless beyond that. I haveNTFS for WinXP and ext3 for my linux partitions on this box.


Glaanies script monkey
Political User
No, you do not need a seperate boot partition that is FAT32, nor do you have to install linux second. If Windows overwrites the MBR, you can use a live CD to either rerun lilo [or grub] and have it overwrite the MBR, and boot Windows via lilo, or use the live CD to install lilo onto your linux partition and use the NT loader to load linux.
True ^^
People just recommend installing Windows first and Linux second so that you can avoid having to use a LiveCD to overwrite the MBR for the second time.


Glaanies script monkey
Political User
I constantly see this, so it must be true, but in my experience, I've always had to use fixmbr or fdisk /mbr to rewrite the MBR after installing Windows over a linux install.

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