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Movies Freeze at certain points


The One and Only
Don't know if it was asked at another time, but i'll ask anyway.

I have some movies that will freeze at certain points in the movie every time it is played. usually if i skip ahead a bit it will play some more, but then freeze again. Funny thing is that i can still hear sound playing for a short time after video stops, then the sound stops. Is there any way to fix this? any programs or anything?


OSNN Senior Addict
this is techincally a "software" issue, so you are in the wrong forum, but it could be the player you are running? which is...???


Old School XPeriencer
Have you tried others players?

Maybe Divx or vidiomi

Divx - Works well for the most part. Have had a few problems with stopping the movie, then sound doesnt sync up.


Vidomi - This one works for the most part too. Some issues with "green screen" but can be corrected with a little work.

I assume these are downloads you're trying to play right?

Maybe try the latest divers for you vid card?


the retarded one
what spec is your system? if it's not a very fast computer, try turning down the hardware acceleration in the tools > options > performance tab in WMP9


how the movie is encoded has something to do with it doesnt it?

to do with codecs?


The One and Only
Gonzo, i have that already, but it doesn't seem to work all the time. do i have to have it open/running all the time when i play the movie or does it work even when it's not open?

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