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Movie theaters could use these

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
...and it would be a welcomed change for many a movie goer who can get a bit frustrated with cell phone owners who have no manners and are rather inconsiderate of those around them. Paying $8.75, or whatever to see a movie...there are people who would like to, umm see the movie. Having the person behind one have their cell phone go off repeatedly, and then shout at the person on the other end of the line or whatever (not taking the call outside) can be a bit distracting...



I'm sorry Hal...
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These kind of things have been around a while. I think some places use them quite a bit. I remember reading about wanting to use them in places like galleries, cinemas, restaurants, library's etc etc, just about every public place.

I go the movies a lot and people on phones really annoy me, but I don't like this kind of thing. What about in emergencies and such?
They have loads of warnings about turning of your phone these days, there should be a staff member in the theater and if a phone goes of, then bam, your out.
I'd just rather not use technology to force common sense on to people cause it usually just don't work


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X-Istence said:
Here in the US they want to allow it at movie theaters as long as it does not block 911 calls.
Yeah what X said. I think it would be a pretty good plan if they could get these in some more public places. Cell phones are taking over everything.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
France made a prosision for emergency calls (might have been emergency phones near by, or something). Makes sense. Unfortunately, the chances of them actually looking around for cell phone users. Just go and complain that someone is being too noisy... By the time they get there, it's too late, else nothing is done. If it's anything like one place I worked, confronting a customer with anything was considered bad customer service. The problem is there would be 10 other customers that would be disgusted with it...

It is unfortunate some people don't have the sense to keep their phones on vibrate and take their calls in the hall, but such is the way things are. We get the same thing in classes too (though that isn't entertainment related) where some people won't silence their cell phones during final exams and what not either.

No offence to having a cell phone either... I used to own one, and when I went in the movies I would either turn the ringer off (if I took it with me) on the understanding caller ID could still pick up the call if there is one, or leave it in the car. Hey, chances are I could get back to the person latter on anyhow... A friend of mine has a cell phone, and leaves it carefully hidden in his jeep (glove compartment or wherever) when he goes to the movies. But some peeps can't seem to be divorced from their phones :(

Short of blocking the signal, and sorry to say...the only way I think they would actually take a more pro-active role in silencing people who gab on their cell phones is if they ended up losing so much busines/customers from annoyed customers who don't want to hear it, that chasing the one obnoxious customer away would cost them less. If half the theater went to the front desk and started asking for refunds on the movie ticket...on the grounds they can't watch the show, that might do something...

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