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[Movie Review] Wimbeldon


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I watched it last night with my wife (her suggestion... I wanted to watch sky captain and the world of tomorrow :( )

didn't really have any problems with the movie itself... I had been waiting to watch it tbh... paul bettany is a decent actor :)

anyways the movie itself is rather good... better than I expected...

obviously and blatantly predictable but still it has many things that keep it going... the story, while obviously a re-run of what we have all seen in various other romantic comedies is still decent... the pacing is taut and keeps things chugging along nicely... no real dead spots that I can think of...

the tennis is not as realistic as I had hoped but then I am being a little overly harsh :) my best m8 in tampa was a tennis pro and I have been to a lot of tennis tourneys in my life...

still while the actual simulation is not realistic at least the facial expressions and the like are accurate...

john mc enroe is the commentator for various parts of the movie covering wimbeldon (odd since he is usually just present for the US open's commentary... cept this year when he was on other tourney's trying to drum up support for his tv show... but this is just me being very picky)...

kirsten dunst is adequate in her role.. sam neil is under-used and paul bettany does his part with a decent performance...

the humour is what keeps it going... some is obvious tripe but there is a lot of british humour in the movie that just brought back memories :)

I don't know if all the american viewers will get the gist of some of the slang (not that there is much) but those who do will also be laughing...

all in all a decent movie for a date or just for a regular viewing with pals... more comedy than romance for the most part... no real suspense but the relationships are dealt with adequately...

I'll give it a 3/5 OSNN star rating... lower coz of predictability... not coz of other content...

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