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[movie review] The Island

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Went and saw "The Island" on Friday. The movie was pretty good (though of course some of the chars were royal creeps). The latter point, I couldn't comment on too much, without giving too much away.

It's supposed to be similar to the Matrix (by some people's accounts) accept it's run by people. The people who live there, are kept in check by the promise of winning some lottery and being shipped off to an "island" that is supposedly the last paradise left on Earth. Problem is, it is all a lie and they have no idea of the world outside...

One person who has come to question the entire way of life they have been presented with, begins to discover the truth concerning their own existence. This spells big trouble for the company who's running the show down there...

4/5 OSNN stars

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